Advocacy Survey puts “cost of living” and “cost of doing business” at top of list

Advocacy Survey puts “cost of living” and “cost of doing business” at top of list

The results of our Members’ Advocacy Survey show that “Cost of Living,” “Cost of Doing Business,” “fund Raising” and “Consumer Protection,” were some of the top issues that our members would like the Chamber Council to address. There were also calls for a new National Development Plan, and an end of ad hoc development, and the need to address housing, making it more affordable for workers. “Import duty and fees are too high, which causes a ripple effect from the business own to the consumer,” one said.

“We need an overarching plan detailing where the country is headed,” one respondent out of the total of 71 who returned the survey said. ‘The plan should include a roadmap for education, workforce development, and healthcare.”  

 Another respondent highlighted, “Public transportation and unsustainable housing without targeted governmental policies to protect Caymanians,”

Most of the respondents were small businesses, – that is, employing less than 15 workers, and there were several calls for, “Support and promotion of small businesses,” “Less red tape,’ and, “Cost of doing business proportionate to business size.” 

Concern was also expressed over educational and training opportunities for Caymanians.” Education – increasing awareness of career opportunities for students and greater access to, and promotion of vocational opportunities and training,” said another.

There were also calls for, “More effective enforcement to deter companies who do not comply with various laws and regulations.”

“Traffic Management” and “Better public transportation,” were also listed by many as priorities.