CanEx Jamaica to expand with Caribbean Wellness Expo, October 20-22

CanEx Jamaica to expand with Caribbean Wellness Expo, October 20-22

In 2023 CanEx Jamaica will continue in its role as a regional platform for plant medicine but will also expand by adding its first Caribbean Wellness Expo slated for October 20-22, 2023, at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

CanEx brings together world-class speakers and panelists from the Caribbean, United States, Canada, Africa, South and Central America, Europe and Australia, hosting industry discussions and connections with experts, policy makers, researchers, and businesspeople.  The conference is geared toward businesspeople, investors, medical professionals, cultivators, entrepreneurs, therapists, scientists, researchers, and others who are seeking a comprehensive insight into the world of cannabis and psychedelics.

The Caribbean Wellness Expo will host dynamic panel discussions and experiences including yoga workshops, herbal medicine features, nutritional discussions, and a mini-Ganja Tour teaching about the cannabis plant and its many uses. It will offer a host of immersive experiences that serve to both educate and entertain, showcasing ways to incorporate healthy practices for diet, spirituality, and mental health.

CanEx Founder, Douglas K. Gordon, stated “We feel it is time to put Plant Medicine in a bigger context within the Wellness Industry.  The world has shifted, and this is good for cannabis and psychedelics, which are considered emerging industries. We look forward to showcasing a broad range of wellness experiences and opportunities and to declare CanEx 2023 as the place to experience being on the cutting edge of Wellness.”

For more information about the conference visit www. canexjamaica.com or email [email protected]

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