CCMI Offering Five Scholarships to Caymanian Teens for summer camp experience

CCMI Offering Five Scholarships to Caymanian Teens for summer camp experience

Scholarships for all-expenses-paid week-long camp at the Little Cayman Research Centre now accepted

Little Cayman, Cayman Islands; 7 May 2024 – The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) is now accepting scholarships from Caymanian teens to attend the week-long Caribbean Marine Ecology Camp (CMEC) at the Little Cayman Research Centre this summer. The scholarships offer eligible students a unique opportunity to learn about coral reefs, marine ecology, and current conservation topics from CCMI’s expert educators and scientists in a residential experience at the remote field station.

CCMI Education Assistant, Ryan McLaughlin, encourages Caymanian students to apply as soon as possible. “Our Ocean Science Scholar programme is offering five scholarships. This is for Caymanians who require financial support to attend with priority going to students from government schools. This is an incredible opportunity!”

Thanks to the Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball Foundation, CCMI is awarding these five CMEC scholarships to local students as part of the organisation’s efforts to promote ocean literacy, connect Caymanian youth with the ocean, and provide an important educational stepping stone for students who wish to explore a potential career in marine science and conservation. During the camp, participating students snorkel, SCUBA dive, ride bicycles, explore nature, kayak, and take part in outdoor STEM lessons. Campers learn first-hand about the cutting-edge research at the Little Cayman Research Centre from CCMI’s expert team, and they take classroom learning into the ocean, following research methods by conducting fish and coral surveys and conduct laboratory experiments. Participants earn a certificate of completion for attending the CMEC to add to their CVs as well as gain important insight into the industry.

For:                        Students (ages 13-17); divers and snorkellers welcome!

Applications due:    Friday, 28th June 2024

Programme dates:   21st – 27th July 2024 or

28th July – 3rd August 2024

Full programme information and the fillable scholarship applications are located at https://tinyurl.com/CMEC-CCMI. Questions about the programme or scholarship application can be emailed to education@reefresearch.org.

For more information about CCMI and all education programmes available at the Little Cayman Research Centre, visit www.reefresearch.org.



CCMI is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1998 to protect the future of coral reefs, envisioning a world with vibrant oceans and healthy coral reef ecosystems. We seek to be the Caribbean’s premier marine research institute by delivering cutting edge research, transforming conservation strategy and developing education programmes of excellence – discovering and promoting real solutions to declining ocean health. Our plan is to invigorate key species and understand key ocean processes that drive reef resilience. We support early career scientists who are INNOVATING ways to improve coral reef health. We are TRANSFORMING conservation strategy and work to inspire the CHANGE that is needed to achieve our mission. CCMI are PIONEERS in the region working to reverse the declines of coral reefs.