Celebrate UNITS’ revolutionary storage solutions – with BAH on 23 May!

Celebrate UNITS’ revolutionary storage solutions – with BAH on 23 May!

All businesses need storage. Sometimes, such as when a big shipment comes in, they need more. At other times they need less. So deciding on the right option is difficult and often wasteful. If your needs vary like this, then you might end up paying for or buying storage space you don’t need, most of the time – especially when long leases are involved.

UNITS Cayman – who will be hosting a Business After Hours on 23 May at their location at the White House, 20 Genesis Drive – could be just the solution you are looking for. Their unique approach involves mobile storage units which can be delivered to your business premises – exactly where you want. You choose how long you want to rent each unit for, and you only pay for the time you use. That equals flexibility, affordability, and convenience.

“UNITS Cayman is excited to be the first international franchise for the US based Franchise Group. Our highly trained team is proud to offer Cayman storage solutions in all shapes and sizes. From our reusable UNITS Blue boxes for smaller items and important documents to our 12 and 16FT containers,” said UNITS Vice President Adrienne Politowicz,” Our state-of-the-art Robo Delivery System allows us to bring the storage to you – where you want it, and when. We are the most convenient, flexible, and secure way to store.”

“For companies aiming to grow their inventory without the added expense of more rental space, UNITS’ upcoming 35,000 sq ft humidity-controlled warehouse, set to open in August, guarantees the safekeeping of your items. State-of-the-art tracking technology for efficient tracking and retrieval of essential goods, such as documents, ensures they are both accessible and secure.”

Allan Blake, the Facility Manager at UNITS, said: “the portability, having it accessible at your home or your business, and the way that it fits into the tightest of spaces, it’s a very innovative design and the equipment that we use is specific. One is called, ‘The Robo,’ which allows you to get into a car-space at a 90 degree, or 45 degree angle, whereas if you were to use your regular traditional shipping container, you’d need a flatbed truck and a crane.

“It’s month-to-month rental, so you’re not committed to six months, twelve months, or even longer than that. But with UNITS its three days at a time, so the day that we deliver the unit to you is the day the rental starts.

“With traditional storage, you have to load up your items and carry them down to that warehouse, for example, and suppose you need two more? Depending on the availability of that fixed storage, you might not necessarily have it. Whereas, if you let us know “I need three this month, but I only need one next month, so its scale-ability, accessibility, convenience of it all.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out more about UNITS Cayman and their uniquely flexible approach to storage solutions! Register Here: https://tinyurl.com/mvb7c6c7