Leadership Cayman’s Alumni Reception at Grand Old House

Leadership Cayman’s Alumni Reception at Grand Old House



Leadership Cayman’s Alumni Reception at Grand Old House

George Town – Leadership Cayman, the signature leadership programme of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, held its annual alumni reception at the Grand Old House on Wednesday 27 September. The purpose was twofold: to officially welcome the new alumni who graduated from Leadership Cayman in July this year, and also so that the alumni members could meet, one-on-one, with those who are interested in applying for the 2024 Class, so that they could find out more about the programme before the application deadline on 10 November.

Leadership Cayman is a dynamic, intensive, and interactive six-month programme introduced by the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce in 2009. The programme promotes and enhances community leadership through an in-depth introduction to social, economic, business, and political issues in the Cayman Islands. The class attends bi-weekly seminars, learning from experts and local leaders who serve as panelists at each session.

Every year a new group of leaders is selected to be a part of this one-of-a-kind programme designed for participants to connect with each other and business and community leaders, grow their leadership skills and community knowledge, and inspire their industry, community and peers.

Chamber President Nelson Dilbert – who is also a member of the alumni, having attended Leadership Cayman in 2021 – shared some valuable insights about the programme:

“It certainly changed me – both in ways that I anticipated – and in ways that I didn’t anticipate at all,” he said, “It gave me a real sense of the interconnectedness of everything, in the Cayman Islands, so that I had a deeper understanding of the importance and value of each decision I made. I also made valuable connections, both with fellow classmates and with some of the amazing and visionary leaders from every sector.”

Planning Committee Chair for 2024, Ravi Campbell spoke about the value of the connections made during the programme, especially the wide range of people outside your own industry or sector.

Alumni member Cristina Spratt said: “You’re not going to find another programme in the Cayman Islands that’s going to give you a 360-degree view of the Cayman Islands in just six months. The speakers that you have are top-level, and in six months you get access to people that would take you more than six years if you were not part of the programme.”  

Alumni members Nelson Dilbert and Jennifer Leach-Tippetts meet with a prospective student for LC’s Class of ‘24

Leadership Cayman’s Alumni Reception at Grand Old House

Jennifer Leach-Tippetts, Class of ’21, said: in our class it was election year ….and we have access to heads of industry, directors of hospitals, government officials, Premiers Judges, the Governor – we were at the Governor’s house, and we asked those hard questions, and they gave us the answers,”

To be eligible for the program, you must be at least 25 years of age, have lived in the Cayman Islands for at least 12 months, and be in a middle management position or above.

You can learn more about Leadership Cayman by visiting the website: Leadershipcayman.ky or at the free information session at the Chamber Conference Room, Governor’s Square on Wednesday, 11 October beginning at 5.30, or via Zoom! 26 October. You can resister for Leadership Cayman online here: https://www.leadershipcayman.ky/application/

If you are interested in supporting the programme by sponsoring one of the course’s 12 seminars, email [email protected]