Chamber Profile – Chartered Financial Partners Limited

Chartered Financial Partners (CFP) provides corporate administration, fiduciary, accounting, and financial reporting services. CEO Linburgh Martin formed the company in 2016 with former colleagues John Sutlic and Delocita Pope. Although the company is still new, Mr. Martin has over three decades of experience in helping both small local businesses and international companies with their corporate administration, directorships, accounting, and voluntary liquidation needs.

“We help our clients set up companies, and then we attend to the filings with the registrar of companies. There are a lot of rules, and regulations in Cayman now, and so they need our help to ensure they comply,” Martin says.

What sets CFP apart from similar companies, Martin believes, isn’t only their caring, personal approach but their deep experience in accounting: “We are very strong in the provision of accounting services; accounting is very much steeped in our DNA,” he said.  It means that CFP can often offer practical advice and help. It’s a formula that seems to work well, and Martin finds that CFP isn’t always looking for new clients but rather seeks to develop relationships with people whom he feels CFP can help the most. 

“We don’t promote the business, so a lot of people don’t even know we exist. They often find out about us through existing clients – word of mouth and by recommendations,” he said.

“We have some small businesses as clients, however, many of our clients are investment companies and hedge funds, and we have clients from all over the world. But why we were keen to join the Chamber was because I know there are small, local businesses we can help. For instance, there was someone I know who had a car wash, where I often take my car. He would frequently ask me for accounting advice, but it’s hard to do it like that – You need to be set up properly with an engagement and have people working on it.

“My impression is that small businesses are probably not that well organized with their accounting. That’s not surprising – they’re working hard to build their business and so it’s easy to neglect that aspect. But we can help them get caught up – and that’s important, not only for the banks but also for their purposes.”

You can find out more about how CFP can help you and your business by contacting them: at +1345 745 5100; emailing [email protected]   website: https://chartered.com.ky/