Construction and accommodation jobs dominate August WORC postings

Construction and accommodation jobs dominate August WORC postings

Construction and accommodation jobs dominate August WORC postings

Construction, Accommodation & Food Services, and Administrative & Support Services dominated the jobs market, according WORC’s August Job Postings Report. Those sectors were followed by Wholesale & Retail Trade, and Financial & Insurance Activities. These five industries accounted for nearly 75% of all job postings.

The report provides a detailed month-by-month breakdown of Cayman’s jobs statistics based on the aggregate postings for each sector, as well as other information such as demand for different education levels or skills, or years of experience. By comparing each month’s figures with the previous month, or with the “Year to date,” (YTD) figures, it highlights trends in Cayman’s jobs market and economy.

There was a total of 1,724 job postings for August, an increase of 133 from July. The top ten occupations accounting for 30% of all job postings were beauticians, building construction labourers, carpenters, cleaners, cooks, kitchen helpers, motor vehicle mechanics, tilers, and waiters.

The report found that most- required level of educational attainment was for persons with high school or equivalent qualification followed by a Bachelor’s Degree for the month and YTD period. Persons with five years or more experience were the most desired in both review periods. Job postings in the legal, healthcare, financial services, engineering, actuarial and information technology career fields accounted for most of the highest salaries.

Most advertised occupation for key industries included finance managers (13) and accountants (11) and financial and investment advisors (8) in the financial and insurance activities sector.

Lawyers (22) accountants (10) legal professionals (8) were the most posted in the professional, scientific and technical activities sector.

In August 2023, carpenters and joiners accounted for 78 job postings which represented 4.5 percent of all job openings. Building construction labourers followed with 75 job postings (4.4%) while cooks recorded 62 job postings or 3.6 percent of the total.

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