Discover the laws of leadership with the new Maxwell leadership course

Discover the laws of leadership with the new Maxwell leadership course

Meet Tara L. Bush, a Maxwell-certified trainer, and the newest member of the Chamber training team!

Tara will be teaching the Maxwell Leadership Training Series, one of the world’s most recognised leadership authorities. The Maxwell philosophy is built on giving you the tools and support you need to lead powerful positive change for your personal growth, your company, and your business through values-based leadership.

The series is divided into four sessions. The first of these, “17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork” is a half-day workshop focused on mastering the indisputable laws of teamwork. This session is crucial for anyone looking to break free from the limitations of siloed growth and foster a culture of collaboration and accountability within their team.

This workshop will delve into:

  • Shared Vision and Goals: Understand the power of aligning team members towards a common objective.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Learn to recognize and appreciate the unique strengths and weaknesses within your team, and how to strategically capitalize on each member’s potential.
  • Building Accountability: Explore techniques to instill a sense of responsibility and ownership among team members.
  • Leadership Insights: Gain valuable insights into what it takes to create and lead a winning team, ensuring that you’re equipped to guide your team effectively towards success.

This workshop is ideal for leaders, managers, and team members who aim to enhance their teamwork skills and contribute to a more dynamic, cohesive, and successful team environment.

 “Minute to Think Workshop: Mastering Time for Creativity and Productivity” is a dynamic workshop designed to empower you with strategies to maximize your time, unlock your creative potential, and enhance productivity at work. Learn the art of creating intentional thinking space amidst a busy schedule, regain control over your email inbox, and discover how to focus on work that truly matters.

“Values and Trust Workshop: Leading High-Performance Teams” is a 2-part series that explores the pivotal role played by values and trust in transforming an average team into a high-performing powerhouse. This workshop delves into the essence of leading a values-driven team, highlighting the importance of core values and trust in achieving exceptional team dynamics and performance.

The new Maxwell series is just one of a broad range of training courses facilitated by expert trainers, each one of which focuses on a different aspect of your staff development or business success.

Our Workplace Essentials courses zero in on the knowledge skills and attitudes that employees and leaders need to excel, covering topics such as excellent customer service, effective communication, and leadership.

In partnership with local law firm, HSM, our Legal Assist series provides you with essential and practical legal advice your business needs, at an affordable price.

Our Ken Blanchard series are full-day workshops offering in-depth teaching from the globally recognised Ken Blanchard Leadership Series. Other options are available too, and specific training courses can be requested as part of our Made for You series.

Visit https://www.caymanchamber.ky  to download our brochure or to access the training schedule. Email emily.sintorn@caymanchamber.ky or call 743-9126 to discuss your training needs.