Document security is File-Safe’s Top Priority

Tim Dailey of Cay-Shred and File-Safe

Cay-Shred and its sister company, File-Safe, specialize in an area that is often overlooked by businesses – document security. Cay-Shred shreds them and File Safe keeps them safe. Cay-Shred was started by Tim Dailey in 1999 and has grown steadily, tailoring different document shredding services depending on their size, and their needs.

“There are many reasons why it is important to properly dispose of data,” Dailey said, “For individuals, there is the risk of identity fraud or personal information, such as a private medical record, getting into the public domain.  For corporations, as the world sees an exponential rise in the rate of compliance regulations, there is the need to ensure proper, secure data disposal both for the protection of the companies themselves as well as their customers.”

Laws such as the Data Protection Act are strict about how data is handled and for how long:  Our goal is to do our best to ensure companies can securely dispose of all their data and avoid falling into breach of the data protection laws.” he said.

Dailey has seen several situations where data has not been handled properly and as a result, it ended up in the public domain.  “Medical records have been found at the dump, and we have seen hotel waste containing guest records complete with copies of passports, credit card numbers, and even internal employee pay records just thrown in the trash.”


More than just documents, we prefer the term data, as these days so much information is in electronic formats.  For electronic data, we have the highest level of certified destruction equipment.  Hard drives can be degaussed (magnetically scrambled) and/or, more popularly, shredded.  For solid state media such as SSD hard drives, phones, tablets, USB jump drives, key fobs, credit cards, and the like, we use a disintegrator that first shreds the devices and then passes them through a hammermill which reduces the media to particles the size of grains of sand.

File Safe

File-Safe started in 2001 and has grown from a series of smaller facilities to a single 18,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility, located on the junction of Sparky and Lincoln Drive. It works by storing each company’s documents in boxes, each with its own barcode so that, in the event of a security breach, “Just as it is important to securely destroy data, it is equally, or arguably, more important, to ensure its security when in storage and prior to destruction.  File-Safe provides complete document management services in a secure monitored facility.”

Storing your own documents in warehouses has problems: “We regularly go to shred documents only to find them riddles with termites, mice, roaches, spiders and more,” Mr. Dailey said, “There are other aspects such as secure compounds, controlled access, CCTV and access monitoring and alarm systems that are regularly part of compliance guidelines but not available on these types of facilities.”

“File-Safe retrieves and delivers the boxes eliminating frustrating trips to the warehouse, or having staff come back from warehouses sweaty and dirty to resume work. There is full CCTV coverage both inside all areas of the facility and the surrounding compound,” Mr. Dailey said.

If you would like to find out more about how Cay-Shred or File Safe can help you and your business, contact Tim at 916-8005 or [email protected] or visit the websites Cayshred.com and filesafe cayman.com.