Evaluate your business strategy and culture with Healthy Futures

Evaluate your business strategy and culture with Healthy Futures

Evaluate your business strategy and culture with Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures is a locally owned business consulting practice co-founded in 2015 by Fiona McDougall and Kellie Sandy to provide strategy and operations business consulting services. Their vision is to be the trusted advisory partner to organizations that value healthy growth, positive cultures, and improving lives.

McDougall is an executive-level business consultant with over twenty years’ experience in strategic planning and operational improvement initiatives, to establish Healthy Futures, working with clients and experts locally and across Canada and the US, while Co-founder Kellie Sandy brings over a decade of experience in strategic planning and operational excellence execution in the US and Cayman Islands.

“Our consulting approach leverages both qualitative and quantitative methods. We work alongside our clients to provide additional capacity and new capabilities so they can continue to focus on meeting customer needs while establishing the plans, operations, and corporate cultures that will enable them to deliver positive results in their markets, communities, and workplaces.”

Healthy Futures has three service lines: Healthy Growth helps organizations across industries with strategies and operations to ensure sustainable growth that deliversprogress over time while maintaining stability; Healthy Cultures provides approaches that help organizations cultivate values and positive corporate culture to achieve the right team synergy and balance in the workplace and the world; and Healthy Populations combines our growth and cultures services with deep international expertise to support healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, and non-profit organizations improve lives and livelihoods.

Outside of work, Fiona loves cooking and keeping up with the latest award-winning books with her local book club. She is a big believer in achieving the right work-life balance and after witnessing the effects of high stress and burn-out in many organizations, Fiona prioritizes healthy eating, group exercise, and getting outside to hike,paddleboard, and jet-surf. Kellie enjoys spending time with all her family. She’s always planning her next travel adventure, she says and has a love of exploring new cultures, customs, and foods. Kellie recently joined the pickleball bandwagon, and it’s a reminder that it’s never too late to learn something new!

If you would like to contact Healthy Futures and find out more about how they can help you and your business, then you can phone them at (345) 322-3814 or visit their website: https://www.healthyfutures.ky/