Discover PROVEN Bank’s unique customer focus – with BAH

Proven Bank is inviting members and guests to a special Business After Hours, at the Cayman Financial Centre, 36A Dr. Roy’s Drive, beginning at 5.30. They’ll be great prizes and give aways – and lots of chances to network – catching up friends and business partners in that unique ‘Business After Hours’ Atmosphere!

PROVEN Bank has found that a good way of getting to know Cayman’s distinctive customer base is by getting involved in the local community:

”We have seen fantastic growth for PROVEN Bank and appreciate the trust that current and new clients have placed in us as we help them to achieve their financial goals,” said Colin MacDonald SVP, Corporate, Private and Premium Banking, “As part of building stronger relationships with the Cayman business community, we will be hosting a Business After Hours on the second of May in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to hosting an informative and fun event.”

PROVEN Bank (Cayman) Limited, formerly Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited, was acquired on February 1, 2022, by the PROVEN Group, and officially changed its name to PROVEN Bank in August of 2022.

It’s a ‘Class A’ bank, offering a full range of banking services for personal, corporate, and private banking, including savings, chequing accounts, fixed deposits credit and debit card services, consumer and land loans, mortgages, and merchant services. There’s a retail branch located on Dr. Roy’s Drive in George Town and a corporate & private banking office located on Seven Mile Beach.

“We understand customers have different choices and goals when it comes to their banking needs, and we are committed to delivering a personalized, convenient and seamless banking experience whether in person or online,” MacDonald said, “to that end, we have invested in a new banking system which will come online in the 2nd quarter of 2024 that will enable us to deliver a better online banking experience for our customers, as well as offering more efficiencies internally across all teams and departments.”

“We understand the unique nature and needs of our local Cayman community as well as clients who are coming from abroad and now reside and work in Cayman.  Our management style is very hands-on, and we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers. Simply put, our mission is to delight our customers.”

Come and find out exactly how PROVEN Bank can help you and your business. Register today!