Intern turned speech therapist encourages Caymanians to apply for HSA Summer Internship Programme

Intern turned speech therapist encourages Caymanians to apply for HSA Summer Internship Programme

The Health Services Authority’s (HSA) Summer Student Internship Programme is now open for online applications from students interested in exploring the field of healthcare. This annual programme offers local high school and college students invaluable on-the-job experience in the healthcare sector during the summer while allowing them to earn a stipend.

Janelle Syms, a junior speech and language therapist at HSA, is encouraging other Caymanians to take advantage of the internship programme, which has played a significant role in directing her career path.

It was the experience gained from the internship that inspired Janelle to pivot her career plans from teaching to speech and language therapy during her undergraduate degree.

As with all interns who completed the programme, Janelle was assigned to work alongside experienced healthcare professionals who provided mentorship and guidance in areas aligned with each intern’s specific interest and course of study. This allowed the interns to gain a deeper appreciation of the healthcare industry and prepared them for future career opportunities. The areas they could be assigned to range from clinical departments such as pharmacy and maternity to non-clinical departments such as biomedical services and HR.

While observing a treatment session with HSA’s speech and language therapists, Janelle had an epiphany and realized that this was her calling.

“I’m not sure what my life would have looked like if I hadn’t applied for this internship. I’m so grateful that I did, and I would encourage other young Caymanians to consider a career in the healthcare sector, where Caymanians are significantly underrepresented. The internship is such an important opportunity to gain the relevant experience and connections you need to begin that journey,” she said.

The internship programme typically lasts several weeks and is a vital pipeline for more young Caymanians to explore and pursue healthcare careers on island.

HSA’s Training and Development Manager, Marsha Eleweanya, explained, “The HSA Summer Student Internship Programme has proven instrumental in encouraging young talent to join the HSA upon completion of their studies, thus contributing to the growth, development, and sustainability of the healthcare sector in the Cayman Islands with a strong local workforce.”

Application for the 2024 HSA Summer Student Internship is open April 1-30. To participate, students must meet the following requirements:

• Students must be Caymanian and/or have the Right to be Caymanian
• The student must be at least sixteen (16) years old
• Students must have a genuine career interest in the Healthcare field

Internships typically take place from June through September. Individual internship placement periods may vary (estimated 4 – 8 weeks placement opportunities). To apply or find out more about the HSA Summer Student Internship, visit: https://www.hsa.ky/careers/internships/summer-student-internship-programme.

Janelle Syms, a junior speech and language therapist and former intern at HSA.