JA Cayman seeks corporate sponsors

Is your business looking to make a real difference in the lives of young entrepreneurs? Well, here’s your chance! The Junior Achievement Cayman Company Programme is looking for companies just like yours to become advisors and help empower the next generation of business leaders.

As an advisor, you would have the unique opportunity to guide young students who are passionate about starting their own businesses. Imagine the impact you could have on their journey towards success! By sharing your expertise, providing valuable insights, and offering practical advice, you can help shape their entrepreneurial spirit and empower them to become successful leaders in the future.

Not only will you be making a difference in their lives, but your company will also benefit greatly from this experience. By engaging with young talent, you open doors to fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

In addition to the personal and professional rewards, becoming an advisor for the Junior Achievement Cayman Company programme showcases your commitment to corporate social responsibility. It demonstrates that your company values and invests in the development of the local community and future generations.

To seize this chance to become an advisor and make a lasting impact on the lives of aspiring young entrepreneurs, contact us directly via email at swan.sandoval@caymanchamber.ky or call 743-9124. The deadline for applications is 31 August 2023. We can’t wait to welcome you on board!

Remember, the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and with your guidance, they can achieve remarkable things. Let’s work together to inspire and empower the business leaders of the future.

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