Leadership Cayman Update

Leadership Cayman Update

Leadership Cayman’s Class of ’24 has been very busy! Their course is winding up now, and all the class members are looking forward to graduating, later in the year. The programme consists of 12 biweekly seminars – provided by the islands’ top leaders and professionals – each one an expert in their field.


First of all, they will complete their Class Project – when they put all their leadership skills into action by organizing a big, one -day fundraiser for a local charity. This year, the One 2 One mentorship programme will benefit – As LC’s Class of 24 team up with Pickleball Cayman for a grand Pickle Ball event on Saturday 18 May!

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Seminar on 20 March saw the class tour the Cayman Islands Coast Guard – with an excursion on the North Sound in a patrol boat.

“They felt an immense sense of pride for their national border defense and learned about just how much criminal activity is handled by the coastguard every day and what a good job they do in defending us,” said LC’ Swan Sandoval, “The left reassured that that Cayman Islands were in such safe hands.”

Read full article here: https://www.leadershipcayman.ky/news/lcs-criminal-justice-seminar-begins-with-a-tour-of-coast-guard-headquarters

Health and Human Services

Jasmine’s Christal Samaroo took the LC students on a tour of Jasmine Palliative and Hospice Care for the Healthcare and Human Services seminar on April 10th

The objective was to provide an opportunity for the Class of 2024 to learn about the currents in the health services provision, the role played by government regulation, the Health Services Authority, and private clinics and hospitals with an emphasis on innovation and developments in human services and healthcare in the Cayman Islands.

Read the full article here: https://www.leadershipcayman.ky/news/healthcare-and-human-services

Infrastructure and Development

Infrastructure and Development on 1st May provided LC’s Class of 2024 with an opportunity to learn about the current state of planning, real estate development and water security, and balancing development and a growing population with the needs of protecting the integrity of the natural environment. Read full article here:


To find out more about joining Leadership Cayman’s class of 2025, contact Swan Sandoval: 743-9124 or email swan.sandoval@caymanchamber.ky or visit the LC website: https://www.leadershipcayman.ky/