Need stress relief? Contact Sivananda Wellness and Movement for help

Need stress relief? Contact Sivananda Wellness and Movement for help

Cayman Connection is a global not-for-profit membership organisation connecting, supporting, and celebrating a global community of Caymanians, friends, and associates of the Cayman Islands. Kate Kandiah founded the network in 2012 in conjunction with CIGO-UK and DOT.

“Our vision is to connect the Caymanian diaspora to home whilst providing opportunities to improve their quality of life abroad. Through access to our services and unique network, our global community promotes the Cayman Islands and our way of life to benefit all Caymanians,” said Executive Director, Ashlea Smith.

Cayman Connection’s mission is to build a strong support network of people through a shared connection to the Cayman Islands and across the world. It includes supporting the well-being of all young people of the Cayman Islands, whilst living, studying, or working overseas. While promoting knowledge, skill building, and connectivity among Caymanians overseas. “We take an inclusive Taking an inclusive approach to all those who love Cayman + Working collaboratively with others I

nfusing fun into all we do,” Ashlea said.

 While Cayman Connection was born from supporting students and young people of Cayman, the network has grown to become a platform serving members across the globe. It has expanded its reach to anyindividualliving or moving overseas associated with the Cayman Islands. Activities and programmes support and celebrate the overseas community, such as the ‘Making Waves Awards’ programme, which recently held its awards evening at the National Gallery, and the ‘A-Z series for overseas students.

“We are excited about our future work with the Chamber of Commerce, and through this invaluable relationship, we will undoubtedly position our organisation to reach new heights. We believe that the training we will access, and the connections we will make as members of the Chamber will be imperative to the growth of Cayman Connection’s success.” Ashlea said.

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