Need stress relief? Contact Sivananda Wellness and Movement for help

Need stress relief? Contact Sivananda Wellness and Movement for help

Established in 2018 by Mirabelle D’Cunha, Sivananda Wellness, and Movement Ltd helps individuals and organisations increase energy and improve clarity, and fulfillment using mindfulness, resilience, and vetted technology-driven biometric stress management programs.

“I saw that stress management and resilience were offered more as wellness tasters, well-intentioned but ineffective because of the lack of consistency in taking theory into practice,” D’Cunha said. ’Employees, who are real people, saw stress as something that was wrong with them, something out of their control. I want people to understand the neurobiology of stress and then take consistent action to hack the stress response and convert it into the flow response. When we understand science, we can understand our system and we can take charge of rewiring it. That is true empowerment and that is always my approach.”

“When I first arrived in Cayman, my focus was on getting my young family settled, to enable me to be optimally placed to support others. My foray into corporate work came through my one-to-one clients who are mostly high achievers who had challenges with focus, memory, sleep, and hypertension. They experienced significant changes working one-to-one and invited me to present short lunch and learns as well as longer programmes at their organisations.”

Sivananda Wellness and Movement’s clients include several accounting firms, real estate companies, law firms, regulatory organisations, and several not-for-profits including the National Trust, and Cayman Islands Cancer Foundation.

“I partner with their HR departments. Right now, I am doing a whole cohort with the Caribbean jurisdiction of a ‘Big-4’ accounting firm, a one-month programme using technology and biometrics to shift their stress responses. You can think of them investing three minutes, three times a day to take their nervous system to the gym,” D’Cunha said.  “It is beneficial because it’s not based on a one-off ‘lunch-and-learn’ sort of model, but because they practice stress management techniques daily. The more you practice, the better your stress response. This can mean long-lasting benefits for individuals, employers, and the wider community.”

“My goal is for more programmes that are based on small steady incremental shifts every day for sustained change.  What I do differently from everybody else is provide daily accountability and support. For example, the Heart Math programme has participants practicing for three minutes three times a day using breathing and biometrics to shift from a state of stress to a state of ease. Every week on our call, they learn a simple new technique, share their questions and we troubleshoot any challenges with them nurturing their goal.”

For more information visit https://mirabelledcunha.com/  or email [email protected]

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