For nearly 60 years, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce has developed innovative initiatives designed to improve the quality of life for our members, the community, and the environment. The Chamber Pension Plan – the Islands’ first non-profit multi-employer retirement fund — Mentoring Cayman – our Islands’ first structured mentoring programme and Leadership Cayman – the Islands’ first in-depth sixth-month programme — can be traced to committees and task forces established by the Chamber.  

These programmes deliver sustainable results for member businesses, schools, the workforce, and the economy. Each initiative helps to build a dynamic and reliable framework for creating wealth for our businesses and our Islands, where everyone shares in economic success, and nobody gets left behind.

Chambers Pension Plan

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce established the Chamber Pension Plan in 1992 to promote retirement savings at a time when little was being done to help residents save money. Today the Plan is one of the largest and most cost-effective, multi-employer funds in the Cayman Islands and the first to be licensed by the Government under the National Pensions Law (now Act) in 1998. An elected nine-member volunteer Board of Trustees representing both employers and employees from all industry sectors governs the operation of the Plan and includes two Trustees appointed by the Chamber Council.

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Growth Matters

Growth Matters is an award-winning animated educational video series that explains why the private sector is the real engine of growth and the different industries that make up the economy.

Each of the videos connects business and community success with economic growth how it leads to improved living standards, and the important role that international businesses, visitors and investors play in growing our economy.

Cayman CLEAN

Cayman CLEAN is a public awareness campaign to focus attention on littering and its impact on the Cayman Islands’ environment, tourism products and communities. It is an extension of the annual Earth Day Roadside and Beach Cleanups that the organisation has coordinated for more than 20 years.

Junior Achievement

Since 1991, JA Cayman Islands has been inspiring and preparing students of all ages to succeed in a global economy through in-school and after-school educational programmes focused on business, economics, and free enterprise. Concepts taught on honesty, trust, and integrity result in a more proficient understanding of our world that enables these students to make their way into successful careers.

Leadership Cayman

The six-month programme enables participants to acquire an in-depth view of social, economic, business, and political issues; develop the necessary skills to assume leadership roles, and to get involved in community projects.

Participants interact with diverse, high-level community leaders through a series of 12 biweekly seminars held at different locations, and is supplemented by site visits tours, and retreats, enabling participants to learn first-hand the intricacies of leading key sectors of the Cayman Islands.

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Mentoring Cayman

Launched in partnership with the Government in 2002, Mentoring Cayman matches top high school students who have been selected by their principals, with a mentor from the business community and the public sector. This is a truly unique opportunity for students to establish relationships that can guide them during this challenging period of their lives.

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VoTech Stars

VoTech Stars is an educational initiative to celebrate Caymanians who are employed in vocational and technical careers. Six stars are selected to promote their industry sectors and to encourage others to pursue these careers.

Through a series of engaging videos, each of the VoTech Stars describes, in their own words, exactly why they love the career path they have chosen and what it takes to succeed. The videos are accessible as a resource for schools and colleges, and each of the VoTech Stars is promoted on billboards across the islands, and through a national multimedia campaign. By attracting more Caymanians to pursue Technical and Vocational careers, VoTech Stars is building a local skills pool – a resource, and a sound economic foundation for Cayman’s future success.

Cayman Made

Cayman Made supports, promotes, and protects entrepreneurs who create, manufacture, or assemble products locally. By creating a distinctive ‘Cayman Made’ brand, we can protect genuine local creatives and manufacturers from products made outside the Cayman Islands.

The essence of Cayman Made is in protecting the value of the locally-created intellectual property – something unique, premium, created here, by local people. This accommodates fashion designers, whose clothing designs may be assembled elsewhere, or visual artists, who might create a painting or photo here but then use overseas technology to reproduce it.  But the concept also automatically includes most products that are manufactured and assembled here too, so that they may be given a special class – both created here (as intellectual property) and manufactured here.

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