Training Centre

Training Centre

Chambers Training Centre (CTC)

The Chamber of Commerce is the leader in professional training and development in the Cayman Islands. With a wide variety of courses, including internationally recognized training opportunities available locally, you won’t need to leave the island to improve your career prospects. Investing in your staff will provide the motivation you need to advance the development of your business.

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The Training Centre offers 5 course categories:

Workplace Essentials

Whether just starting in the workplace or serving at an executive level, employees will always need and benefit from continued education. Our Workplace Essentials courses zero in on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes companies and employees need to excel.

Ken Blanchard Series

When it comes to leadership development, the Ken Blanchard Leadership Series is a familiar phrase. Being one of the most widely accepted, taught, and rated leadership models worldwide, we can assure you that this series will help to unleash your potential and develop the leadership skills that your business needs, not only to succeed but to excel!

The Maxwell Method – Maxwell Leadership Series

Maxwell Leadership is one of the world’s most recognised leadership authorities. The Maxwell Method’s philosophy is built on giving you the tools and support you need to lead powerful, positive change for your personal growth, your company, and your business through values-based leadership. Become the leader you were born to be!

Legal Assist

Get the legal guidance you need to protect your business, as well as the interests of your employees. With our Legal Assist curriculum, you can achieve this without taking on the formidable costs of hiring your legal experts. These classes ensure that sound legal advice, from trained professionals in the industry, is accessible and affordable for all businesses, regardless of their size.

Small Biz Bootcamps

A series of FREE members-only workshops addressing everything you need to know about starting and running your small or micro business.

Made For You

In the same way that not all people are the same, not all businesses are the same! Our Made for You option ensures that the individual training needs of your business are accounted for. Maximize your training budget by consulting with us to arrange a curated course or series designed especially for your business and the skills that your employees require.