Who is Caymanian?

HSM Partner and Immigration Expert, Nick Joseph, has written an article, ‘Schrödinger’s Caymanians” which explores the question “Who is Caymanian?” A summary of the highlights is given below. The question was recently highlighted during one of the Chamber’s focus group sessions, where one of the participants identified a potential issue in relation to the Caymanian status of the children of residents, and whether they have to apply for Caymanian status after their eighteenth birthday.

“A longstanding issue is the simple question of “who is a Caymanian?” With many different options and processes for achieving Caymanian status, widespread confusion has caused whole aspects of the Immigration (Transition) Act to be almost incapable of proper application. This was not created by the present Government, or the present Department of Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC). The solution however lies in their hands.”

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