Severe Weather Advisory for Deteriorating Weather Conditions 

Severe Weather Advisory for Deteriorating Weather Conditions 

 The Cayman Islands National Weather Service and Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) are continuing to monitor a strong cold front that is expected to affect the Cayman Islands from late this evening. As the front moves into the Cayman area, near gale force winds and very rough seas are expected. Weather conditions will begin deteriorating this afternoon continuing into tomorrow, 6th February. 

Wave heights are forecast to be between 9 to 15 feet. In light of these conditions, HMCI is working closely with the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands to secure the George Town Harbour and road closures in the area should be expected this afternoon, including Seafarers Way and portions of North Church Street. 

The Cayman Islands Government recommends the following safety precautions. 

No In-Water Activity: Residents are urged to refrain from engaging in any in-water activities on all three Islands. 

Unpredictable and varying wave heights pose potential hazards: Stay well back from shore, particularly along the George Town Harbour and Seven Mile Beach. 

Vessel Safety: All maritime vessels are recommended to remain in safe harbour and securely anchored until further notice. 

Limited Activity Along the Western Shore: Residents are advised to minimize outdoor activities along the western shore to ensure personal safety. 

Avoid Driving Through Standing Water: Motorists are cautioned against driving through standing water, as it may be deeper than anticipated. 

Awareness of Debris: Exercise caution and be vigilant for debris on roads, particularly in areas prone to high winds and rough seas. 

The National Weather Service and HMCI emphasise that a Marine Warning remains in effect and urges the public to exercise extreme caution until further updates are provided. The community’s cooperation and adherence to these safety recommendations are crucial for ensuring the well-being of all residents during this weather event. 

For further information and updates, please stay tuned to official Government channels, Hazard Management Cayman Islands (www.caymanprepared.ky), and the Cayman Islands National Weather Service (www.weather.gov.ky).